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I started buying records in January 1967.  I was five years old.  I'd love to be able to tell you that my first purchase was by The Velvet Underground or The Mothers of Invention.  Or Jimi Hendrix.*
I'm still buying records.  Oh, and compact discs, cassettes and even mini discs.  There's never enough music.
I've got some nice hi-fi gear.  Well, I think so.  I'll bore you rigid about my audio set-up later.  I've learned how to rip vinyl to a hard drive and how to do it properly.  I don't have enough life (or marriage) left to rip my entire collection.  And I like playing records.
* I wanted Hey Joe.  The Experience had been on TOTP that week - Jimi had been playing the guitar with his teeth.  But I didn't know what the record was called or who it was by (a common dilemma faced by record shop staff).  So I chose Pamela Pamela by Wayne Fontana.  Which turned out to have a b-side that was later to be  "covered up" by northern soul DJs.   Wayne had also been on the telly that week singing Pamela, Pamela.   I remembered the name of his record, and bought it the same Saturday. 
I have another another anecdote regarding Pamela, Pamela.  I'll save that for later.

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Willard's Wormholes
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Comprehensive database of music used in movies, TV and games

Burning The Ground
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Never Enough Rhodes
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Museum of Bad Album Covers
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Guitar chords animated in time with music videos. Strum along...

The Oldies Project
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Who Sampled?
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WFMU's Beware of the Blog
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The Wonderful and the Obscure
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Kenny Everett's World's Worst Wireless Show
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Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
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Super Deluxe Edition
The most up-to-date news on deluxe vinyl & CD reissues

The software used to build this web site

Fabulous personalised radio player. Doesn't work in the UK.  Or perhaps it does

Promises, promises...
I hereby solemnly promise that if I help myself to any of the music on this site...
  • In the unlikely event that said music ever appears on a legal* download, vinyl album or compact disc then I will show my appreciation by paying for a copy
  • If I learn of the existence of such a legal reissue, I'll let The Vinyl Curator know straight away so he can remove the music in question from the site
  • If I listen to something and don't like it it's going straight into the file shredder
  • I won't upload anything to another site
* That's LEGAL.  CD rips or downloads of vinyl albums offered for sale on dodgy labels do not count as legal.

All music is ripped to FLAC. 

The cleanest obtainable vinyl copies have been used.

Files are zipped. 
I recommend WinRAR 32 bit / 64 bit or 7 Zip.

Album sleeve artwork and record labels are included.