A Morality Tale
Not all music can be kept on catalogue, available to buy.  Simple economics prevent that.  Not so long ago, all but the best selling records were unlikely to stay in print for more than 12 months. 

But in the IT age, and as much as purists detest the concept of intangible music, download and streaming technology effectively removes the ongoing costs (warehousing, storage, packaging, transport) of keeping an album on the shelves. 

Nonetheless, only a hopeless optimist would expect every record ever made to now be available to buy, download or stream.  Things fall between the cracks.  Copyright wrangles.  Memory loss.  Indifference.  Lethargy. 

And on occasion, the master tapes (or an unacceptable substitute thereof) go walkabout.  Dusty vinyl languishing in lofts or cupboards or even cassette recordings are all that remain. 

Which is where we, and a million other so-called music blogs, step in. 

But there is a distinction to be made – we’re not in this to circumvent the actual purchase of commercially available music.  What’s here cannot­, to the best of our knowledge, be bought brand new[1].  You may, if you wish, pay collector’s prices but that is of no financial benefit to the copyright owner/original artist[2].

This site seeks to function as a safety net.  There’s some truly wonderful stuff out there that is otherwise unavailable to all but the most dogged and deep pocketed collector.  Discovery is half the fun.  Sharing is a thrill.  Broadening our musical horizons – it’s what music collectors do. 

Best of all would be our hard work resulting in the official reissue(s) of our discoveries. 

Copyright owners – try not to hurt us.  We’re trying to help.
[1] Records once contained a warning on record labels prohibiting re-sale
[2] Seldom one and the same!